Easy Sewing Project for Mother’s Day or Any Special Day ♥

I was recently going through memory boxes and came across letters from a few people so dear to my heart that have since passed away.  This made me think, I hardly write letters anymore!  An email, text, and the occasional phone call – that’s the trend these days.  With Mother’s Day coming up I thought this would be a perfect time to get the pen out.  Even better, embroider a custom envelope Mom can keep the letters in 😊

Each year I try to come up with something unique and personal to send my Mom on Mother’s Day.  She love’s handwritten letters, so why not add a custom monogrammed envelope that she can keep the letters or use for something else – maybe to hold makeup or coupons.  Something small she can carry that will remind her how special she is to all of us kids ♥

This project is very easy and only takes about 30 minutes (even faster if you are on the Brother 10-needle)


To read the full blog, head over to my post as a Brother Expert Consultant on the Brother Stitching Sewcial. This envelope is a cute idea for any gift, now I just need to add the personal note ♥Let me know what you think and be sure to share photos of your embroidered envelope.  #brothersews #angelawolf

Happy Mother’s Day ♥


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DIY Halloween Embroidered Trick or Treat Bag

DIY Halloween Embroidered Trick or Treat Bag

Looking for an easy DIY project for Halloween?  Check out this Trick-or-Tread embroidered felt bag. This is a fast and easy project and the kids will love it 🙂


  • Inside of bag:  cut 1 cotton fabric 27” by 14” and cut a 9” circle
  • Outside of bag: cut 1 black felt 27” by 14” and cut a  9” circle
  • Strap:
    • cut 1 black felt and cut 1 orange felt 2 ½” by 19”
    • cut 1 orange felt 1  19” by 11”
  • Plastic or watersoluble embroidery stabilizer –  cut 1 piece 19” by 11”
  • Medium weight Tear-away adhesive embroidery stabilizer 
  • Halloween embroidery designs (I used designs in my Brother Dream Machine; there are other cute designs in ibroidery
  • Embroidery thread
  • Universal thread for sewing bag
  • Faux fur or feather trim (optional)

Embellishing the Bag with Applique & Embroidery

in this step I decided to change the embroidered letters into applique so I could add the contrasting colored felt. You might consider other fabrics such as satin, metallic, or lace for a completely different look.  I will show all the steps on my Brother Dream Machine:

  • Go to the embroidery screed and type in letters “TRICK”.  Click the ARRAY.
  • Change the word into a semicircle.
  • Move the letters into the upper section of the embroidery screen. Edit the letters a little more by spreading the letters out.  This will give us a little more room for the applique.
  • Edit the letters a little more by spreading the letters out.  This will give us a little more room for the applique.
  • ADD the letters “OR”.
  • ADD the letters “TREAT”.  Click on ARRAY to alter the curve of the word and spread the letters out.

To read the full blog, head over to my post as a Brother Expert Consultant on the Brother Stitching Sewcial. Be sure to share photos of  your bags #angleawolf #brothersews


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