Our featured vendor is Cynthia Hogan!!

Cynthia’s Embroidery began as a home based embroidery business in the late 1990’s and has grown from there. Around 1996, Cynthia bought her first home embroidery machine and began producing shirts and garments for the school where she worked and for her friends. She quickly outgrew that machine and purchased the new Brother 8200 and PE-DESIGN Version 1 software sight unseen after reading the spec sheets. 

Cynthia was so determined to learn the software and what makes it tick that her local dealer offered to let her teach it after she had figured out how the software operated. Cynthia taught herself the software and then began to teach it to others. As a Special Education Teacher, this was a natural fit. She taught at the local dealer in the evening, taught school during the day and wrote instructions and workbooks for the software in her spare time.


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Yes you heard that right!  Cindy is giving away a virtual class to 1 lucky winner on December 18th for our #sewcialhop2020 grand finally live show!!!!   AMAZING!

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On a Personal Note

I am very excited to feature my good friend Cindy Hogan on our #sewcailhop2020 today!  We have worked so many Brother events thru the years and its even better traveling all over the country when you can meet up with friends for dinner!  Cindy has a weekly Facebook live show every Tuesday featuring embroidery software, if you are into embroidery of any kind, mark this one on your calendar!  She is also frequents my Behind the Scenes and Brother At Your Side Virtually live shows.  So the wolfpack will be stopping by Cynthia’s Embroidery Facebook & Instagram pages to say hi!  #sewcialhop2020

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