Fashion Designer

Launched ABO Custom Apparel & Alterations in 1994 – specializing in couture: gowns, jackets, hand dyed fabrics, designer jeans and so much more.  I personally thank all the women that allowed me to be part of making then look and feel fabulous!

It's Sew Easy TV

We just taped our 10th season!!! The show features many sewing experts sharing techniques and tips for sewing, quilting, and embroidery. Thanks for watching!


I am always sharing tips, tutorials and techniques to make sewing easy and fun … Join me!

  • Sewing
  • Fitting
  • Embellishing
  • Embroidery
  • Product Reviews

Pattern Designer

Realizing my sewing friends don’t want to buy my clothes, they want to sew them.  Proficient in CAD software, with a few changes to my production designs, Angela Wolf Pattern Collection was born.  Many more patterns are on the way …

Contributor to Threads and Sew Stylish Magazine

I have written many articles in Threads and Sew Stylish Magazines, including the Stitch in Time column.


How to Start a Home-Based Fashion Design Business.  I wrote this book for anyone who wants to Make $ Sewing … Enjoy!


As a spokesperson for Brother and WAWAK sewing, I will always continue to promote the products I love to use!


Looking to make $ in the sewing industry and need some help?

  • Starting and Running a Sewing Business
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Industry Consultant
  • Website Design
  • Blogging
  • Teaching | Speaking


I absolutely love teaching in person and online!  Check back often for new class listings and I look forward to meeting up with you.

Professional Fishing

Yes, it’s true … I LOVE TO FISH!  My husband and I fish competitively on the Win-n-Angela on the Salmon Tournament Trail. We are part of the Salmon Showdown reality TV show and Brother is our official sponsor. Hope so see you at one of the ports!


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