Vote for me for Craftsy's blogger awards!I woke up this morning to an email that made me very happy¬†and I have YOU to thank ūüôā¬† Just so you know, you made my day!!!!!¬†¬†In case you missed it, Craftsy is holding their 2013 blogging awards.¬† Round one of voting is finished and your votes placed my blog into the finals in the category of Sewing – Best Craftsy Instructor Blog.¬† There are only 4 of us and now another round of voting continues until October 29th – Of course I am hoping you will vote again ūüôā

First, let me tell you how encouraging this was to hear.  Writing a blog and posting video tutorials does take up quite a bit of time, but I personally do so in order to  encourage you to sew.  Not only sew, but to sew clothes and sew clothes that look like they walked out of a boutique with a high price tag.  I have been sewing my own clothes for over 20 years (that just gives me a reason to buy more shoes and handbags LOL) and I love sharing what I have learned with you.

So what happens now?  There is a final round of voting that will end on October 29th and Craftsy is offering a free class to one of the lucky voters.  For me, I already feel like a winner.  As a special thank you for the support you have already shown and encouragement for you to vote again during these final weeks (bribery never hurts right :)) I am going to offer a few giveaways. Angela Wolf Bootcut Jean

Recently I offered a free Crafty class to my new Sewing Designer Jeans class that will launch later this month and a¬†huge CONGRATULATIONS to the winner Marie C..¬† Well, the class doesn’t include a pattern.¬† Why?¬† Because maybe you copied your favorite pair in Kenneth D.¬†Kings class or you already have a favorite jean pattern from my friend Jennifer Stern or you like the range of sizes in Jalie … just to name a few of my favorite reasons.¬† During the class, I will be using my¬†¬†Angel Bootcut Jean pattern (my current pattern includes misses sizes 0 – 16 and I am diligently working on the women’s sizes 16W¬†– 24W) and I even show you how to alter the pattern for a higher or lower waist (amongst other fitting issues).¬† So, it only seems appropriate to giveaway one of my jean patterns.¬† How can you win?¬† Pretty simple – let me know why you want¬†to sew my¬†jean pattern and please vote in the final round on Craftsy¬†(remember you can win a free class on Craftsy just for voting).¬† Afraid of sewing jeans – no worries, it’s really easy.¬†¬†Remember back when I showed you videos on how to sew pockets.¬† There are lots more, just scroll through my posts about sewing jeans.¬† I will announce the winner of jeans pattern on Monday and I will¬†announce¬†another¬†“thank you”¬†giveaway tomorrow.

Again, THANK YOU so much for making my day today ūüôā¬† xoxo Angela

Angela Wolf patterns 2013 -209

How to Hem Jeans with the Brother MuVit Digital Dual Feed Foot

How to Hem Jeans with the Brother MuVit Digital Dual Feed Foot

Dark jeans are really in trend this fall so that means distressing with a hammer might not be an option.¬† I have tested the MuVit¬†Digital Dual Feed¬†Foot on the Brother Dreamweaver XE¬†and believe it or not, after sewing over many thick seams there was not one skipped stitch!¬† The only thing I added was a #14 denim jean needle and various thicknesses of denim.¬† This¬†foot is different from¬†a walking¬†foot, not only because it has a rolling belt, but the foot plugs into the sewing machine giving the foot it’s¬†own¬†brain …¬†or something like that.¬†¬†You can then adjust¬†the foot by pressing a few buttons on the sewing machine.¬† I have to say technology is really making sewing fun and easy!

The video below¬†shows you just how smooth this¬†digital dual feed foot¬†works and I even tested it on one of my new jean¬†patterns.¬† Which by the way, ¬† I am happy to announce my first two jean¬†patterns are up and available!¬† Both patterns come with detailed sewing instructions in a book format, very easy to follow.¬† The other bonus that comes with both of these jean patterns is a downloadable PDF file, download to your tablet and you can enlarge the photos for detailed viewing.¬† The PDF file offers color photos and details on where to distress the jeans as you sew.¬† My goal is to help you sew¬†jeans that fit perfect and¬†look expensive ūüôā¬† Enjoy and don’t forget about the previous videos on sewing jean pockets if you need a little extra help.¬† Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend, lot’s of family, food and shopping on my end.¬† Wait until you see my new shoes (and yes that’s plural!)¬† xoxo Angela




Brother‚ĄĘ has provided me with the DreamWeaver XE, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

How to sew topstitching that looks professional on jeans and jackets …

How to sew topstitching that looks professional on jeans and jackets …

I hope you are all safe from¬†hurricane Sandy and my heart goes out to all those affected.¬† We even experienced severe weather here in Michigan!¬†¬†¬†I made it to the beach yesterday¬†and after¬†getting stuck¬†in the sand with¬†our SUV, I was able to snap a few¬†shots.¬† Unbelievable waves on Lake Michigan, over 20 footers.¬† I think I’ll¬†pass on fishing for a few days ūüôā

Lake Michigan during hurricane Sandy …over 20 foot seas!

Now onto sewing …. more specifically topstitching.¬† Topstitching jackets and jeans are not only a designer touch; this has become a main focus in today‚Äôs fashion.¬† The more creative the topstitching the more expensive your garment looks.¬† On that note, have you ever finished a great looking jacket only¬† to discover ¬†you can’t find a matching color in the thick topstitching thread?¬† Would you like to hem your favorite jeans – again not being able to match the original jean thread color.¬† This video shows you an easy way to solve that problem, using two spools of Coats & Clark polyester thread and a #14 denim jean needle.¬† You will even get a peek at the automatic needle threader on the Brother Dreamweaver XE, yes it even works with 2 threads!¬† Enjoy ūüôā


Brother‚ĄĘ has provided me with the DreamWeaver XE, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

How to Sew Designer Jean Pockets … Part 2 Adding the Coin Pocket


Here is part 2 for finishing off the front of your designer jean pockets.¬† This video will show you how to add a coin pocket, which is totally optional.¬† Sometimes I add a logo instead, just depends what kind of mood I am in ūüôā¬†¬† Of course I have to show off a few other features on the¬†Brother Dreamweaver¬†XE VM6200D, like using the V-Sonic PenPal to determine how wide my zigzag stitch will be – you really have to see¬†it to¬†believe it.¬†¬†Now, I just have to finalize the last of the Angela Wolf Jean Patterns¬†so we can ship them out soon, wish me luck!¬† xoxo Angela

Brother‚ĄĘ has provided me with the DreamWeaver XE, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own

Sewing the Front Pockets on Designer Jeans (part 1)

Sewing the Front Pockets on Designer Jeans (part 1)

Another quick lesson on sewing designer jeans, sewing the front pockets.  I have broken this into two parts as this lesson will cover attaching the silk charmeuse lining and topstitching the pocket edge.  The next lesson shows how to add a coin pocket and closing up the lining.  To get started you will need your front jean pieces and the pocket lining.  You will usually find cotton as the fabric for the pocket lining, but I prefer to use something a little more luxurious, like silk charmeuse.  Because the silk is so thin you can’t see the pockets through the outside of the jean, not to mention the fabric feels awesome against the skin.

Again, experimenting with some of the new features on my Brother Dreamweaver XE VM6200D stitching this pocket is painless. First off, look at the size of the new “J” foot. (The picture has the original foot alongside the new foot).  The longer length really makes a difference when sewing across layers of fabric.  The foot glides across humps, thicker seams, even uneven edges as the pocket we will topstitch.  I call this a BIG plus!

Onto sewing the pockets … pin your silk charmeuse lining to the denim fabric along the curve of your pocket.  You can stitch from either side, I chose to stitch with the denim on the top so you can see the sew straight laser vision guide a little better.  I have aligned the laser with the raw edge of the fabric, allowing me to sew the entire pocket curve with a precise seam allowance.

Press the Pocket Lining … Turn the lining to the inside of the pocket and steam press, using the tailor’s clapper to permanently hold that crease (shown on video below).

Topstitch the Pocket Edge … Again, utilizing the laser light to make sure my first topstitch line is perfectly placed 1/8″ from the edge of the pocket curve.  Then I move the laser light to align with the previous topstitch line, but here is a new one for you.  I am able to use the v-sonic pen pal to touch where I want the laser light to move to.  You have to check out the video below to get the full visual of this unique feature, but simply put … engage the pen pal, touch the bed of the sewing machine where you want the laser light to shine, and hit OK.  That’s it!  Just imagine how easy sewing straight rows of topstitching will be ūüôā


Brother‚ĄĘ has provided me with the DreamWeaver XE, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own

Sewing Jeans with the Brother DreamWeaver XE VM6200D

Sewing Jeans with the Brother DreamWeaver XE VM6200D

I was thrilled to take part in preview of the new V-series sewing machines from Brother.¬† The three new machines in this new V-series offer new technology that can really make your sewing and embroidery¬†fun and easy … sew straight laser vision guide, v-sonic pen pal, drop light embroidery placement, just to name a few.

Since my Angela Wolf Jean Pattern’s ¬†are ¬†ready to launch in October, I thought it would be fun to put together some blog posts sewing my jeans to help you follow along and brag about the new Brother Dreamweaver¬†XE VM6200D.¬† This machine just came out so if you are thinking of picking up a new machine, you have to check this one out.

So, I have to tell you about this¬†sew straight laser vision¬†light.¬† When I heard this, I really couldn’t imagine how this could work.¬† I sew¬†all the time, how on earth can this help me sew¬†a straight line?¬† First off, if you need help sewing a straight line – this feature is incredible!¬† For me, I usually use the foot or guide on the plate to sew straight.¬† I have to admit, after using the laser light for an entire day I noticed my eyes felt better (from not staring) and I was able to sit up straighter, instead of leaning over the machine.¬† I know your thinking, go buy glasses ūüôā

Anyway, this is how this works.  The laser is shown on the main sewing screen.  Simply touch the icon and you are given a range of 10.5mm to adjust the laser position.  In the pictures below you can see the laser light on my fingers.  The lighting on this machine is so bright (perfect for sewing black fabric), I had to lower the light level to less than half to take this picture.

Brother‚ĄĘ¬†has provided me with the DreamWeaverTM XE, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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