How to Design and Sew Shoulder Cutouts

Spring cleaning time again and I have a stack of clothing items that I haven’t worn in a LONG time. You know the rule, if you haven’t worn the item in 2 years, it has to go!  What happens if you love the fabric, the print, or even just the buttons? Why not recycle or upcycle the items into something I might actually wear!  Here is an upcycle project for spring and summer and it’s right on trend … adding shoulder cutouts to a button down shirt.

Let’s Get Started!

Lay the shirt flat.  Locate the top of the shoulder and outside arm. Measure along the shoulder seam from the neck edge to where you want the edge of the hole to start.  In my case I am going to start 2” to 3” from the neckline.

With a fabric marking pen, mark the top opening of the hole at the shoulder position.
Mark the bottom of the hole opening. Choose a spot above the elbow along the outside edge of the sleeve.
Draw an oval like the one I have here.  The oval doesn’t have to be perfect, just free-hand draw the curve.  Keep in mind this includes the ½” seam allowance, so if you think you need a smaller opening after sewing draw a smaller oval.
Cut along the markings.

For the full tutorial, check out my post on the Brother Stitching Sewcial blog.  I always love to see what your are working on, be sure to share photos of your upcycles shirt using #angelawolf #brothersews


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