Day 13 #SEWCIALHOP2020

We are celebrating 10 years and 20 seasons of It’s Sew Easy! 

Let’s go back and start at the beginning of how things started with on It’s Sew Easy   This is a story of how an opportunity change my life and business forever!

In December 1994 I graduated with a business degree from Illinois State University  (ironically my freshman year I attended NC STATE AKA the WolfPack – now that is hilarious!). About 9 months after graduating  I held my first fashion show and thus started my custom apparel business.  My first label ABO APPAREL quickly grew, allowing me to dress women from all over the world. I eventually added a alterations and a ready-to-wear collection to the lineup.  

Skipping ahead many years and fashion shows …

Angela Wolf fashion seiwng patterns for beginners

In 2008, I won a fashion design contest called Passion for Fashion hosted by the Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan.  The contest was similar to an episode of Project Runway, except live in the middle of an expo show hall.  Talk about nerve racking!  I won some fabulous items including a trip to NY, but most importantly was an area to showcase my own collection at the expo the following year.

The next year I showcased 20 couture outfits and met so many in the sewing industry.  Until then, I really never knew this industry existed as my life was on the fashion design side of the universe.  Janet Pray introduced me to Kathie Stull, a producer of many successful PBS shows.  Kathie was looking for a host for a new show that would feature fashion sewing.  Intriguing and exciting, although I was not sure how this is going to fit into my business plan it would surely be a fun gig!   

The PBS TV show you now know is It’s Sew Easy.  What started as a gig quickly made me re-think my business plan when my email box would fill with those wanting to sew my designs. 

I quickly realized the fans of It’s Sew Easy didn’t want to buy my clothes, they wanted to make my clothes. I made the business decision to invest in CAD patternmaking software, a plotter, and more in order to offer patterns for the home sewer.  Risky and expensive, but surely Angela Wolf Patterns was launched.  


The Wolfpack

Skipping ahead to 2020, 10 season and 20 episode and the show is amazingly successful!  Angela Wolf Patterns and Angela Wolf Academy is growing, but one thing I did not expect out of this show is The WolfPack! You all are AMAZING!!!

Many of you have asked

“Do you get paid for being on It’s Sew Easy?”

“Do you make royalties for past episodes?”  

The simple answer is no

I started on the show for sharing what I love about sewing and that grew into teaching you how to sew Angela Wolf Patterns.   Teach sewing and fashion design on so many different levels which grew into the Fashion Sewing Club

I can never thank you all enough for watching and following along.

Taping the Next Season 2001

In this time of covid and travel restriction, we will be recording this season in my studio.  Different from the past, but it’s the same tutorials and designs tips to keep you on your sewing journey.  

Thanks Wolfpack!    I can never thank you enough for your photos in the Angela Wolf Patterns group and encouraging words!  The wolfpack has become a group of creative women and men that truly love the art of the fashion design and the art of sewing and embroidery. I am so grateful to be part of the It’s Sew Easy series.

A question to you … where did you first find my tutorials?


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