Day 12 #SEWCIALHOP2020

Today we feature making $ sewing!  

Have you ever wanted to turn your sewing skills into a business?  Having run a custom apparel and alteration business for 20 years, being an alteration specialist is an excellent career that requires talent and skill.  MSDP offers a certification program 

The Master of Sewing and Design Professional and Master Alteration Specialist Certification are performance-based testing programs, not a school, which was developed by the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals (ASDP). Based on ASDP’s standards of quality and is open to anyone with sewing related skills.  MSDP and MAS certification provides the professional with prestigious credentials that validate skills and expertise.


MSDP is giving away Alterations for Professionals and Alterations for Bridal and Formalwear digital E-books by Linda Stewart with a retail value of $125.  And to get your sewing business going I will add my book How to Start a Home-Based Fashion Design Business.

Click here to enter to win and leave a comment below letting me know if you have ever wanted to make $ sewing  #sewcialhop2020

On a Personal Note

I started ABO APPAREL, LLC a custom apparel and alteration business back in 1994.  I joined ASDP (Association of Sewing and Design Professionals)  in 2007 and attended my first conference when it was help in the Chicago area.  What a group of talented men and women!   I can tell you first hand, having a group of fellow fashion designers and sewist to connect with is priceless.  Comparing pricing, work layout, marketing ideas … who else can you share stories about hemming the “simple wedding dress”  lol!!!  

It was at that conference the groundwork for Master Sewing and Design Professional Certification Programs began.  I considered taking the certification myself, but I had already been in business 13 years and averaging 60 to 70 hour work weeks didn’t allow the time.  That being said, I am honored to be a board member of a great organization offering so much to the sewing industry.   If you have ever tried making money sewing, the tendency is to think you should not charge accordingly simply because its sewing.  This is simply not true.  If you are looking to make money sewing, you might consider taking the time to get your MSDP and MAS certification.

In the meantime, you can increase your alteration skill by reading Linda Stewart’s e-books Alterations or Professionals and Bridal and Formal Wear.  I also have 3 online classes on Craftsy teaching alterations:  Tailoring Ready-to-Wear, Advanced Tailoring Skills, and Tailoring Jackets.  I tried SOOO hard to get the team at Craftsy to label my classes as alterations, but they insisted on tailoring!  What are you going to do lol!

Just curious?  Have you ever wanted to make money sewing or do you already have a business?





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