VLOG 238 Behind the Scenes ✂️ with Angela Wolf ! Last week we cut out the Lacy top pattern, this week we will serge it together. And I will be drawing 3 lucky winners for the beautiful Shannon Fabric!!! Also, check out the new renovations coming to Angela Wolf’s studio … hand dyed fabrics coming soon! yeah!

Pant Sloper Fitting Class

Join the Pant Sloper Fitting Online Course which launches Monday, September 20th at 4:00pm Eastern / 1:oopm Pacific.

Learn how to fit your own sloper!

A sloper in general is a pattern that is used as a base and from this pattern you are able to design multiple styles. By fitting a sloper to your own body shape, you are guaranteed to have a well fitted outfit. In this class you will learn to fit a pant sloper, turn the sloper into a pattern, and tips for using this sloper as a guide to work with other pant patterns.

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