Our special guest is Joe Vecchiarelli!

Joe has worked in the fashion industry for over 40 years from sharpening scissors to working in production. He has worked on shows like Dancing with the Stars and The X Factor. To learn more and read about Joe visit French European Inc.

It’s always a great time when we can check in with Joe because he has tons of fashion design knowledge to share. Additionally, we will chat about dress forms and the value of owning one. Adding a dress form to your sewing space will assist you the fitting process. Be sure to check out the dress forms and the awesome collection of sewing notions available from French European Inc. 


Yes you heard that right!  Joe is giving away a dress form to 1 lucky winner on December 18th for our #sewcialhop2020 grand finally live show!!!!   AMAZING!

AND he’s offering 25% OFF his entire website (not dress forms – he has a different offer for those :)) with coupon code FRENCH25

For French European Inc. Dress Forms and the special deal he’s offering email him 

Click here to enter the #SEWCIALHOP2020 AND hop over to Joe’s on Facebook and Instagram and say THANKS JOE!!!!  #sewcialhop2020

On a Personal Note

I met Joe quite a few years ago at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan.  Between running to classes and fashion shows, we would always take time to catch up and have a few laughs.  Houston Quilt Fest, OSQE shows, and the Sew Expo in Puyallup would be on our upcoming list, a few things we are definitly missing with the covid shut-downs. I am so excited to kick off the #sewcialhop2020 with Joe! 

So the wolfpack will be stopping by French European Inc’s Facebook and Instagram pages to say thanks for your generosity, great classes and fabulous dress forms!  We love you Joe and Mom says hi too smile 

Join us LIVE on Facebook and YouTube at 1:30 am EDT, Wednesday, December 2nd for day two of #SEWCIALHOP2020.

Be sure to leave me a comment below if you are enjoying the Sewcial Hop so far!


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