Vote for me for Craftsy's blogger awards!I woke up this morning to an email that made me very happy and I have YOU to thank :)  Just so you know, you made my day!!!!!  In case you missed it, Craftsy is holding their 2013 blogging awards.  Round one of voting is finished and your votes placed my blog into the finals in the category of Sewing – Best Craftsy Instructor Blog.  There are only 4 of us and now another round of voting continues until October 29th – Of course I am hoping you will vote again :)

First, let me tell you how encouraging this was to hear.  Writing a blog and posting video tutorials does take up quite a bit of time, but I personally do so in order to  encourage you to sew.  Not only sew, but to sew clothes and sew clothes that look like they walked out of a boutique with a high price tag.  I have been sewing my own clothes for over 20 years (that just gives me a reason to buy more shoes and handbags LOL) and I love sharing what I have learned with you.

So what happens now?  There is a final round of voting that will end on October 29th and Craftsy is offering a free class to one of the lucky voters.  For me, I already feel like a winner.  As a special thank you for the support you have already shown and encouragement for you to vote again during these final weeks (bribery never hurts right :)) I am going to offer a few giveaways. Angela Wolf Bootcut Jean

Recently I offered a free Crafty class to my new Sewing Designer Jeans class that will launch later this month and a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the winner Marie C..  Well, the class doesn’t include a pattern.  Why?  Because maybe you copied your favorite pair in Kenneth D. Kings class or you already have a favorite jean pattern from my friend Jennifer Stern or you like the range of sizes in Jalie … just to name a few of my favorite reasons.  During the class, I will be using my  Angel Bootcut Jean pattern (my current pattern includes misses sizes 0 – 16 and I am diligently working on the women’s sizes 16W – 24W) and I even show you how to alter the pattern for a higher or lower waist (amongst other fitting issues).  So, it only seems appropriate to giveaway one of my jean patterns.  How can you win?  Pretty simple – let me know why you want to sew my jean pattern and please vote in the final round on Craftsy (remember you can win a free class on Craftsy just for voting).  Afraid of sewing jeans – no worries, it’s really easy.  Remember back when I showed you videos on how to sew pockets.  There are lots more, just scroll through my posts about sewing jeans.  I will announce the winner of jeans pattern on Monday and I will announce another “thank you” giveaway tomorrow.

Again, THANK YOU so much for making my day today :)  xoxo Angela

Angela Wolf patterns 2013 -209

37 thoughts on “A BIG THANK YOU!!!!”

  1. I voted for you earlier today. I would like to sew your jeans pattern because I am short waisted and it’s hard to find jeans that cover the middle-aged spread and yet don’t look like the dreaded Mom jean. I will hold you to your promise that sewing my own is easy!

  2. You are a fabulous teacher. I love taking your classes. Because I am a short size 16 with a rather long waist, I can never get a pair of jeans to fit. Therefore, I would like to sew your jeans pattern, and learn to really make them fit.

  3. I’ve genuine fear of sewing jeans. I studied Apparel Merchandising in school, and did some design courses, as well. I steered clear of the jeans course…scared me 15 years ago, still scares me. 😉 But, the reality is…with a curvy bootie like mine, I could use some help in this area. Now I wish I’d taken the course…your patterns seems like the next best option!

  4. Done! :-). I love your jeans pattern bc it’s very modern! Most jean patterns I’ve found are not…& also not very stylish. I have some denim fabric that is just burning a hole in my stash but just can’t seem to find a good pattern. The only prob is I’ll have to wait for your ahem up sized version :-). Glad to see you have an upcoming Craftsy class for jeans!

  5. I’ve watched you sew jeans on tv and am so impressed. I haven’t had the courage to tackle it myself, but would so love to do this myself. I have made my clothes for 55 years, but am still afraid to tackle jeans.

  6. You are my favorite person on Craftsy or actually anywhere. The more I can see of you the better. You are spot on with everything you say.

  7. These jeans are gorgeous! I would love to be able to make them for myself (and my sister!) :) You are definitely my favorite instructor on Craftsy.

  8. I’ve sewn jeans before and love doing it. I love the designer look of your jeans that I haven’t seen on any other patterns. I really need that pattern! And yes, you are a fantastic instructor!

  9. I would love to be able to make a pair of jeans that actually fit! I don’t have a waist. To get jeans to fit my waist, I end up with jeans that are huge in my legs!

  10. Its the only way to get jeans to fit….to make them myself. I love your pattern as they look really fashionable. And I reckon my students might take a liking to the jeans pattern too!

  11. I love watching you each week on It’s Sew Easy, and have also taken a couple of your classes on Craftsy. You make everything seem so easy. I can hardly wait for your new jeans class!

  12. I literally live in jeans but have changed shape in the past few years. Now getting them to fit is an issue. I would also like to sew my own so I can add those little details that make them “pop”. I would like to add a little embroidery and try a few in different coloured denim (Yes I already have the fabric in my stash). The pattern has to be modern and professional so these additions look like they came from an expensive designer and not an optimistic sewer so your pattern fits the bill perfectly. Thanks for your blogs and classes and really hoping for a chance at this pattern :-)

  13. I would love to win your pattern as i desperately need a pair of jeans – i am 6′ and straight through the hips. Nothing off the rack fits either around or lengtwise :). I am teaching my three little girls to sew and it would rock to show them we can sew our own jeans which will fit!

  14. Angela – My jeans pattern is simply an adaptation from my favorite pants pattern. It would be a lot simpler to use a real jeans pattern! And your patterns and clothes always look so up to date and classy. I would love your pattern!

  15. I would love to try sewing your jean pattern! I am not afraid to sew jeans..just not sure of my ability to fit them. And BTW I would take ANYTHING you teach as you are a wonderful teacher. I took your Creative Serging class and your Tailoring Ready to Wear. Glad to hear you are doing one on jeans..I will take that one too.

  16. Congrats on beiing a finalist. I just voted again – for you!!! You deserve this award. I love your classes and have learned so much from you. Can’t wait for your jeans class, that’s all I wear so I would love to make a pair. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, but in my book you are already a winner!

  17. Angela, congrtulations! I have been wanting to get your jean pattern and learning to make my own. Hopefully, I can learn to fit my body. I loved your alterations class, one of the best resources!

  18. I’d love to have your pattern because I’ve lost a lot of weight (yay!!) and it would be so awesome to treat myself to a pair of your fantastic jeans as a reward for having reached my goal!!

  19. I’d love to have and sew your pattern because I’ve been looking for a great pair of boot cut jeans!!! It’s the only jean I look good in,

  20. I would love to receive this pattern. I used a McCall’s pattern in Shannon Gifford’s jean class on Pattern Review and would enjoy working with a new pattern that is geared towards today’s jean styles that you find in the store. Plus, I have a real issue buying jeans in the store without paying an arm & leg for them due to my extremely long legs. I will go vote now on Craftsy and good luck to you and everyone entering your give-aways!

  21. I voted for you already! I would love to learn how to make my own jeans and have them fit. With your pattern and your jeans class, I think I could do it!

  22. I’m dying to try sewing jeans, but am intimidated by all the supplies I need first (pattern, topstitching thread, rivets, fabric, etc.). When I’m ready to take the plunge I want to use your pattern, so this would be awesome to win!

    1. Hi Beth,
      What you mention about all the supplies is common, which is why I am putting together jean kits with the denim, rivets, buttons, zippers, … Hope to have these up on the website before the Craftsy class launches.

  23. Sewing jeans is the goal at the top of my list. I am over 6 ft tall and wear 16s. Finding jeans (within my price range) has need nearly impossible since I gained a little extra weight. I still do not wear jeans that truly fit. Sounds like there is a craftsy class I will be taking later his month :)

  24. I have heard good things about your jeans pattern. I have seen you putting in a jeans zipper. You always explain things in simple terms. Makes it so much easier

  25. Congratulations and good luck! Looking at your jeans I know I’m going to have to bring that waist up a bit which makes me sad. I would like to be that slim again. I will have to take a look at you new class. It seems every time I turn around someone is making a pair of jeans. Giving me a bit of the bug.
    Thanks for the chance to win,

  26. Fingers crossed for you! I’ve never made a pair of jeans, but would love to have a pair that fit in both the waist and the hips!!!! Looking forward to your next class. Sue M

  27. I will like so much to sew your jean pattern becaus I learn to sew about 2 years ago and I haven’t stop sins I think if will be really fun to sew this pattern. Thank you

  28. Congrats on your nomination at Craftsy, it’s a great website and I love your classes! I really should learn to sew jeans, as I’m tall so I pay $$$ to get jeans that fit. Would love to learn more from you.

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