Laying Out the Pattern & Fabric

We are onto step 3 of the Fringe Skirt Sewalong!  Laying out the pattern and cutting the fabric.  This step is one of the most important steps, because if the fabric is cut off-grain or the fringe cut with the wrong weave the skirt could end up being not so fabulous, if you know what I mean 🙂

Check the Fringe Layout


Check the fabric to see which side has the fringe edge you like the most.  Keep in mind this could be the crosswise grainline or lengthwise grainline, or combine them both. Pull away a few strands of the weave in the fabric to see what is left.  Is the fringe full, colorful, all one color … take a look at the samples below:


Keep in mind, the first layer of fringe is attached to the skirt, so layout the skirt pattern the direction where the tweed will look the best.

Laying out the Pattern

Layout the fabric in one layer (instead of folded).  This will allow you to make sure the grainline is straight and you won’t run the risk of the fabric shifting underneath.  An easy way to layout the pattern so the fabric patterns matches at the side seam is to line up the hemlines next to each other as shown below.




If you are short on fabric or find out you like the fringe cut in a different direction than expected, the fringe pattern piece can be cut into sections as long as you keep the length of the fringe.

Cutting the Lining – Quilted or Bagged Lining

If you are sewing the skirt with a basic lining as the instructions with the pattern indicate, cut the #3 front and #4 back lining pieces of the pattern.   If you are going to add a touch of couture and planning on quilting the lining, lay out each pattern piece and cut the lining larger as shown below.  The lining will be trimmed after each pattern piece is quilted.









See you in the Angela Wolf Facebook Group for comments and questions!  Can’t wait to see your skirts coming together!!!



The Fringe Skirt Sewalong Schedule:

  1. Fabric & Sourcing (February 10. 2017)
  2. Fitting & Patternhacking  (February 16. 2017)
  3. Cutting & Prep  (February 21. 2017)
  4. All About Darts  (February 23. 2017)
  5. Quilting the Lining  (February 28. 2017)
  6. Invisible Zipper’s  (March 2. 2017)
  7. Waistbands  (March 7. 2017)
  8. Hemming & Fringe  (March 9. 2017)
  9. Show off in the Angela Wolf Facebook Group! 

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